The Vault Of Slack

A SubGenius Zine


The Vault of Slack is a SubGenius zine to proclaim the word of "Bob," provide further examination of the sprawlingly slackful SubGenius mythos, provide spiritual advice, and examine enlighteningly strange and interesting things.

f you want to contribute, carry the zine, or otherwise aid us please contact our Editor-in-Secret-Chief Xenofact.

Issue #3 is here.

We still have a few copies of #2 left! Issue #1 has sold out, but we have FREE PDFs!


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Issue #3


Vault of Slack #3 brings you the full power of "Bob," Slack, and ranting all in full printed glory!

Get an in-depth dive on the Conspiracy mindset! Explore the dangerous Secret Chieves who's plots ensnare us! Discover dark secrets of famous Reverend Shining Path of Least Resistance! All accompanied by soul-soothing and gut-twisting art!

Glossy 100lb cover. 20 pages internal 70lb pages. 8.5" x 11" Contains some profanity because just live with it.


Issue #2


Gaze upon the Vault of Slack Issue #2 (well, once you buy it). A SubGenius zine of wisdom, rants, Slack, history, rituals, and soul-enhancing art!

Explore Slack and Bulldada in text and art. Expand your mind with rants and mysterious truths (and lies)! Learn SubGenius history and awaken your Yeti heritage! If you're not a SubGenius this might just awaken you - and if you are, then you'll get more awakened!

Glossy 100lb cover. 20 internal 70lb pages. 8.5" x 11" Contains some profanity because of the state of the world. Touched by Reverend Xenofact's own gentle hands.



Issue #1


Behold the Vault of Slack! A SubGenius zine of rants, Slackful advice, mind-bending art, true esoteric wisdom, and utter bullshit! Best of all you can' t tell which is which!

From ritual Time Control to bizarre mass-manufactured good from China, the Moonshrimp invasion to ancient SubGenius History, it's everything you NEED.

We're out of print copies, but we have free PDFs! Actually assembled by Reverend Xenofact himself. Contains some swearing because have you SEEN the state of the world?



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